How much cash for my furniture can I expect to receive.

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Ok, so you want cash for your furniture. You have used designer pieces from your living room that you want to sell & you’re looking for someone who can take them ASAP – for cash of course. Well what can you expect?

Follow us through some very simple rules.


cash for your furniture


What was the value of your furniture brand new?

It’s simple mathematics :

Take that number divide it by 100 then multiply it by 25. This will give you 25% of it’s retail value.
Start again with that same starting figure of the item’s value, again divide it by 100 then multiply it by 35%. This will give you the 35% of the item’s retail value..


image of a designer chair with its value ready for example on how to sell furniture        


So what does all this mean?

In short, what you can expect to receive in cash for your furniture is about a third of its retail value. The typical amounts usually range between 25% – 35% of its retail value. And yes, that figure is the same even if your furniture happens to be in ‘brand new’ condition which we find is the most common description owners give.

Upon hearing such a valuation the first emotion that rises to the surface is usually dismissal – followed by offence – or the other way round. “What do you mean? I purchased this chair for 1,999 just twelve months ago, it’s got to be worth at least a thousand pounds!” is often the claim – but we have to use the goggles of reality for this one and make it known that this is just not the case in matters outside of antique artifacts.


The point is this..

if you are serious about getting cash for your furniture – used or new, in most cases you will grab that 25% – 35% offer with both hands & a thank you very much! There are of course and will always be exceptions to the rule where you can expect and demand for more. Here are a few of those factors:

– It’s popular. It’s a style of furniture that’s in demand.

– It’s in literal ‘brand new’ condition (any item of furniture that ‘isn’t’ sitting inside a retail shop or showroom can be called brand new even if you’ve denied all including the dog a sitting.

– You have furniture signed by someone famous (bit of a stretch of the imagination)

– The value of the piece has gone up since you first purchased it because it’s from a well renoun designer for which only one or two companies have been given exclusive rights to produce the furniture.

– It’s a piece of memorabilia that is being put up for sale to raise money for charity

– You have articles of certification verifying it’s authenticityThe piece is from a recognized luxury or high-end designer & has the branding clearly embossed or attached to it.


The ‘cash for your furniture’ round up :

So for the majority of second hand furniture being sold anywhere – the equation above tends to stand true as well as the factors that affect value. For a more detailed explanation of what constitutes value in furniture refer to our post ‘What factors affect the value of my furniture?’


Thanks for reading!

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