I’m moving out and need a furniture removal service fast? 

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Moving imminently.. here’s what you need to know about furniture removal.



furniture removal



Furniture removal can be a real bother. If there’s one aspect of moving that inspires motivation least – it’s the moving furniture part. If like many others you’ve decided that the 7 year old sofa isn’t coming with you to the new place then here are some pointers for what you can do. 



Put them online – & set them at rock bottom prices

.. or at least below the going rate impotenciastop.pt. You could have a go at trying to flog your used furniture online. This does take time and patience which you may not have in abundance, but this tip will surely help move the process along a little quicker, & save you from the many furniture removal woes. Click on this link to find out our list of places to sell online.
Moreover, check the price of similar furniture pieces to yours and undercut them. This will help interested buyers quickly discern the cost diffence between your furniture to the next and have them reaching for the phone (if they’re not already viewing your ad on it) to make an offer to collect ASAP. The result – you on your way to happy moving.



Offer delivery with the furniture

Offering delivery doesn’t have to mean offering ‘FREE’ delivery, it just means offering a means of transportation if the buyer doesn’t have one. Moreover, you don’t actually have to do the delivery yourself – there are plenty of local man & van companies you can outsource to. They’re online & you can easily locate them on sites like Gumtree or just do a simple search on Google. This all means that you’re vastly improving your chances of selling your furniture & on your way to moving.

Moving address and needing to offload your furniture in order to do so is quite a common scenario so you’re not on your own. There are some more options available to you but with the onus being on speed we’ll just focus on a few for now:



Pearlly gives cash & offers furniture removal quicker than you thought :

furniture removal


Yes you read right. Pearlly will value your high-end and designer furniture for free and if you like the sound of the offer you can have your unwanted furniture picked up in no time with cash paid out instantly.



furniture removal


If all else fails – post everything online & offer em FREE!

Now you will probably have to hang around waiting for complete strangers to show up at your address then carry your once beloved furniture away for nothing – but at least you will know that they are gone. Most people will not like the sound of this we know – but let me tell you – when you have 24 – 48 hours to vacate an address – you will suddenly lose all sense of value for furniture both great & small commanding that they be “gone, gone, gone!”

Now we all love free things – especially things that help us furnish our homes with the living room floor lamp that we’ve been looking for for ages.

When you do reach that moment of clarity where you realise that your security deposit means more to you than the furniture in it – follow this directive. Put everything up online with a big fat headline that reads :


“Sofa, bed, wardrobe, fridge, table – EVERYTHING FREE!”


You will be amazed at just how potent that ad is in attracting masses of interested takers to your door like ants to a sugar hill.



Second hand stores offering Free Furniture Removal :


furniture removal

This step might bring with it the need for an added level of patience – searching online for second hand furniture companies to help in a time of need can be a chore. Reason being, very, very few companies are in this type of business today – they’re busier picking up scrap metal these days & even scrap they’re becoming choosey about. If you do happen to find a company other than Pearlly offering you something for your furniture, don’t expect a lot of money from them. Look at it from their perspective – they’re helping you get out of a predicament that you’d rather not be in – that’s free furniture for them.

They may also be helping you dodge the horror of the next point..



Call a rubbish disposal service to carry out furniture removal for FREE – oh, but YOU PAY!


furniture removal


Yes, the mother of all furniture removal pains – having to pay to get your furniture taken away. Most don’t expect to find themselves in this quandary but it can fast become a reality for many. If all the above methods don’t quite go according to plan or you just don’t have any time from the off to wait around – you have a number of options available to you with rubbish disposal companies.

These companies will gladly assist you in clearing your address and taking charge of furniture removal. You will pay by the kilo and you will also pay the company’s labour fee for helping you dispose of them – it’s usually by the hour. Most local van services also offer the same service which usually works out a great deal cheaper than these disposal companies. You can expect to pay rates starting from £35 per hour.
..but wait – there is one last option and this one’s free.



The Blessed Council!!


furniture removal


For those of us that live in a borough somewhere in London or other place in the UK where boroughs exist – your local council will take a certain level of rubbish from you every year. No not the type that they come to collect from your green bins once a fortnight – the household furniture type.

Anyhow you get to dispose something like 150kg a year (depending on where you live) with your council at no cost. Some councils may allow more or less that amount but key thing to understand here is that you can literally save a couple of hundred quid on furniture removal which I’m sure you could use for other things right now.



There’s your complete run down. Happy moving!

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