House Clearance Near Me?

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You need a House Clearance urgently..

Are you ridding your house of all its furnishings or just some? Do you have loads of furniture to clear or just some? In either event, in a house clearance situation we can help with this, mind you, we can’t take furniture that has been used beyond recognition, or, handed down three generations. Contemporary furniture only – sorry. 


If it is the preloved, well-looked-after, good-looking type of furniture – then there’s a good chance that we’ll be interested, maybe even love it. It does help if they come from a recognized luxury brand or designer – we tend to favour this type of furniture above others & often end up giving away cash for them. In actual fact, we actually like to give cash away for furniture because, if we are, then it probably means we’re purchasing quality stuff. 

Having said that, we do understand people will still try their chances at sending in emails with their old bric-a-brac that have long given up the ghost, but sometimes you just have to be honest and concede that your stuff is destined for the local tip.

So what makes our service unique? Maybe the fact that we’re able to come out at short notice & take away your furniture no questions asked – (all the questions get asked before we come out he-he). Typical timescales are 24 – 48 hours for getting a response back. We have been known to come out to an address same day – but this is for urgent clearances. If you aren’t in great need of having your furniture collected for a few weeks yet, this is also fine, we can schedule you in for the appointed time. 



House Clearance in London, UK or near Me?

We cover London as our main jurisdiction but we do also service the regions beyond – that is – the whole of the UK. We understand that across the UK, not all have a suitable house clearance service close-by, however, our visits beyond London does depend largely on the value of the furniture being collected. As stated prior, it can’t be junk, & it has to be in usable condition to say the least.


Factors that usually call for a house clearance service..


“I’m moving house”

This is usually urgent, i.e. moving out of the house in weeks & oftentimes days. Did we mention that we’ve moved people’s furniture on the same day they contacted us? Yes we are able to do that also. Whether it’s half the contents of the home, the whole home, or just a few items in the home, we are on hand to help – we’re just unable to take the actual home away for you.


“I’m emigrating”

After a lovely stay in the UK, you may have decided to head back home, outside of the UK. This could be due to a finished work placement, a new tenure abroad, or just the simple fact that you’re missing home & have decided to head back to be with family. Whatever the reason, Pearlly can facilitate a clearance of all furniture at your address, so there’s one less burden on your mind.


“I’m decluttering”

You’ve slowly been turning into a hoarder – but you hoard nice things. Up until now you’ve been ultra reluctant to let some furniture go, but now you’ve summoned the courage to take the bold step to get rid of some – well-done! You will not regret it. Especially if the items you’ve been hoarding have value attached to them. Contact Pearlly today to find out if we can do something about those items for you.


Now for a couple of frequently asked questions :

Do you collect furniture that’s not located in London?

Yes we do. However, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule. Get in touch with us first to see if we can help in your case.


Do you take furniture that isn’t designer or luxury?
Not all the time unfortunately, however, on the rare occasion we do. What you do have to note is, if you are sending in furniture that doesn’t come under this bracket, the condition has to be nothing short of immaculate, & it must still have value attached to it. You can usually tell this by looking at it – there’ll certainly be no damage or visible excessive wear on them.