How much does it cost to store furniture??

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Ok so you’re moving out, you have valuable furniture that you just can’t take with you but have not the time nor resources to sell them – now you’re thinking about how much it costs to store furniture..

Why? Well you certainly don’t want to give your lovely furniture away for nothing but at the same time – is it really cost effective spending money putting them into storage??


Benefits of putting furniture into storage..

You get to keep your furniture.. yaay!

Yes you do & apart from it being the number one ‘burn-a money-shaped-hole-in-your-pocket’ solution known to us, you will not have to part with your furniture if you don’t want to. This of course only lasts for as long as you’re happy to see direct debits being actioned on your account on the 1st of every month.

There’s flexibility too..

Think of it as your very own spare room, or garage or warehouse that’s handily nearby. You can pop in and out as often as you like to add things or take stuff away. It’s totally secure – more secure in fact than your home or business. You can choose any size you want, from a phone box right up to a huge warehouse. Even better, you can make it bigger or smaller if you need to.

Just so it’s clear – you only want to put your furniture into storage if you’re part of the following group:


a). You’re dealing with sentimental pieces of furniture that you really don’t have the option of giving away or selling because of what they mean to you.

b). The value of the furniture in question is considerably more than the sum you’re going be paying for storing them. This plan of course needs to have a specified timeline before you go into it. It might only be worth putting the furniture into storage for up to for example – six months  – after which the cost of storing them exceeds what it’s really worth to carry on.

c). The furniture isn’t yours – which would make selling them an act of theft.


Great.. so back to the premise – how much it costs to store furniture ??

Ok so this is dependent upon a number of factors which you will first need to decipher:

1). How much furniture do you have? If we’re talking about just a three seater sofa and dining table then you can expect to be paying sums as small as 25 pounds a month. However if you’re talking about a full three bedroom house worth of stuff with kitchen and living room included – expect that bill to rise to the levels of anywhere between 300 pounds to 450 pounds per monthIn this course of action – how much it costs to store furniture can be relatively cheap or, increasingly painful to the pocket.

2). How long are you planning to keep your stuff in storage? This factor depends on the value of the stuff that you’re actually planning to keep in storage. So let’s say you’ve got furniture worth the sum value of a thousand pounds. If the storage costs three hundred pounds per month & you know that your stuff will be in there for three months then you already know you’ll end up paying out nine hundred pounds already for goods worth only a thousand pounds.

Now to some this might be justifiable because of the sentimental value perhaps of the furniture. But if this is coming solely from a financial point-of-view then this isn’t really a quality financial decision. You may be better off selling the goods off for seven hundred pounds which could count very well towards some new furniture later down the line.

However if you’re only planning to leave the furniture in there for a few weeks then this option could make more sense than selling them all off especially if there are some pieces amongst them that you really like.


3). Which storage company you’re planning to use. This factor is also quite an important one. You could save yourself a bit of money if you’re willing to shop around to get the best deal for your storage solution. To save you a bit of time here’s few that we’ve come across for your perusal.


Big Yellow Self Storage

big yellow self storage site

big yellow self storage

These guys are veterans in the business of storage and have been around for a number of years. You’re sure to have seen them around – they’ve done a good job of making sure they’re seen in their trademark yellow colour. Open a storage unit with these guys as a new customer & you’ll get 50% off the first 8 weeks – can’t be bad. They don’t offer 24 hour access however. Usually 6am – 11pm.



Safestore Self Storage site

Safestore Self Storage

With 118 stores nationwide & 44 in London you’re unlikely to be far from one. They also boast a ‘low price guarantee’ that says if you can find a better quote anywhere else, they’ll beat it by 10%. Neat! They also boast a 96% customer satisfaction rating on Feefo. And, these guys also offer 50% off your first 8 weeks. Also, enjoy 24 hour access to your unit.


Access Storage

Access self storage site to store furniture

Image of an Access Self Storage sight

Yep these these guys are also giving out 50% off discounts from the first 8 weeks stay here. 20 years experience in the storage business and over 50 stores nationwide. 24 hour access around the clock unalike some of the other storages listed here. They also offer what they call business storage where you can even hire out a little office space.  



easistore self storage site

easistore self storage site

Based in Kent & Sussex for those of us not based in London. No apparant 8 week promotion from this storage company but there is a mention of 4 weeks free with them which could be just as good. Can get quotes for storage on theur website for how much it costs to store furniture.


Container storage

Self storage container site

Image of self storage container site

Probably the least conventional of storage types but read on to hear of its benefits. You could save yourself quite a bit of money taking up this option. In comparison with the other self storage units listed prior these solid steel containers are low cost maintenance for the companies that offer them. That’s because they are usually on sites that are considered to be a little less secure than the large indoor type. There may not be a presence of 24 hour surveillance on their sites and there may not be gated access requiring a unique personal code like the others. The containers are partially your responsibility to keep secure with padlocking so it’s probably best to fill these containers with goods that don’t have a high value or that may not be appeal to unwelcome visitors. Do a search online for available containers in your area to find suitable options. Gumtree will usually show you companies in your area offering containers for storage.


Exploring these options will certainly give you a clear idea of how much it costs to store furniture in storage.


Not keen on storage for how much it costs to store furniture.. try this solution.


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