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People are often on the search for the places you can sell used furniture. However, in the world of ‘second hand furniture’, these places are few and far between. Furniture is arguably the most difficult personal belonging to shift of them all.

Now, if you do have good furniture that you wish to sell, this next section might give a few pointers as to the places you can sell used furniture, differing with regards to method, speed and viability of doing so.

There are several outlets..



Second Hand Luxury Furniture Dealers :

Places you can sell used furniture

There are a few firms still left in the second hand furniture space. We do bid you all the best trying to find them though. Pearlly are the only company in London that offer a bespoke service to have your unwanted items of furniture collected for cash within a short period of time. 

Be sure to check out our page on ‘How it works’ to find out exactly how. Other companies that you may find will most likely throw you an offer but ask that you to deliver to them, others will offer to collect the furniture from you but are likely to offer only peanuts for the furniture for doing so.

Household belongings remain one of the most difficult of personal belongings to sell – and the places you can sell used furniture are even more sparse in number.

It’s probably due partly to the non-viability involved in just bunging your old sofa into the old Ford Galaxy & whisking it down to nearest cash converters on the local high street. Firms still in the business of trading second hand furniture know this too – transporting furniture around usually requires a van and a man in shorts.

For what it’s worth if you have branded or designer furniture you are in good standing and Pearlly,being one of the places you can sell used furniture online, can pay out market price for them.



Classified ad sites:

Gumtree websites where you can sell used furniture

We know these to be websites or apps where you can list your furniture with a short description, a few photos and your desired asking price. You can put your furniture before a community with a potential reach of thousands in your city – seen over the course of several weeks. Mind you – you will have to continually delete and re-list your ad if you want it to be visible to the masses. Gumtree is an example of one the popular classified ad sites.



Auction Sites: places you can sell used furniture

List your furniture items on sites auction sites and have people from your local town, to your city, nation and even world bid on your item. Of course, dealing with furniture you don’t really want people overseas bidding on your items because then you may be left with the predicament of how in the world you ship your big bulky bits of furniture over to them. However you can bathe in the joy of the coverage of your furniture being beamed to a whole locality, city, nation and even world – it does stop there though.
Local Marketplace Apps :
places you can sell used furniture
These are the new spate of selling platforms – places you can sell used furniture which allow you to upload your stuff online via an app on your phone. The listing and uploading process is hassle free and you can immediately start getting interest from the local community around you for your bits of furniture. The example above – Shpock – is just one of a few.


Friends & Family

places you can sell used furniture

Before you decide that there is no one and nowhere that you can release your old furniture to – think about that auntie you haven’t spoken to in a while – she might require a new sofa. Or that brother that you spoke to this morning – maybe he’s thinking about getting a dining table for his living room – & yours could be just perfect for him. If you’re feeling in the generous mood you can even decide to give it away free. Why not pay for a delivery man to have it dropped off to them too while you’re at it. You can really make someone’s day with your used furniture.


..in summary Pearlly is among the places you can sell used furniture with simplicity.

Furthermore, Pearlly can turn up at your doorstep and offer instant cash for your lovely designer items – often within 48 hours of first contact. And what’s more :

  • Pearlly will not be beaten for speed in collecting your chosen furniture.
  • Pearlly offers free valuations for all your used furniture so you know how much you’d get before making a decision to part with them 
  • Pearlly works with your schedule. We collect furniture at your convenience, at a time and place that suits you
  • Pearlly can also pay out for other luxury, high-end and designer items also such as jewellery, designer bags and clothes and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to begin.
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