How It Works


Finding an outlet to sell high-end furniture has never been easier so here’s the process in a nutshell:



What’s the brand name?

sell high-end furniturePlease specify – if unsure check for any labels around the sides or back of the item. If it’s a sofa – lift up the cushions and look underneath. On other types of furniture check for any logo or embossment showing brand. To achieve the highest value when opting to sell high-end furniture –  the brand or designer is required. We won’t be able to look at furniture made by err – normal retailers – so no Argos dining tables or sofas.. sorry ☹️.


What condition is acceptable to sell high-end furniture?

Most furniture that is still usuable. Therefore be sure to describe the condition of the item for us. Are there any marks, stains, scratches, claw marks (from beloved cats & dogs), holes, dents, bends or discolouration. If your furniture is free of any of these and in perfect condition – please tell us also. Payouts will usually be more for items in perfect condition but we still pay out for other items that may not be. You’ll sell high-end furniture a lot quicker if you fulfil these requirements.


What we don’t take..

Furniture with considerable cosmetic wear ‘n’ tear or damage – so no cat-clawed leather sofas or fur-overtaken fabric upholstery please.



Take quality images

Take 5 – 6 images minimum each of furniture. You can actually never have too many images – the more the better. This factor alone could increase the payout. Pictures should ideally be taken with a camera or phone that is HD – that’s 1080p.

sell high-end furniture

HD camera phone

Capture items from seperate angles – that is – from centre, side-on (both sides), at eye-level (you may have to kneel to achieve this), from the back and from overhead (standing tall). Also remember to include a couple close-ups showing the grain (if dealing with leather) or the nap (if dealing with fabric). This will tell any prospective end user of the furniture exactly what state it’s in and will help speed up the buying decision.



Another tip..

always take pictures in natural daylight allowing as much light into the room as possible. And please-please-please whatever you do – don’t put your furniture outdoors to take pictures there. There’s almost nothing worse than looking at furniture out in someone’s back garden or front porch with concrete and grass in the background. 

If you can only take pictures in a room where there isn’t very much light then it’s ok to use artificial light so switch on as many lights in the room as you can.

Here’s a good article if you’re wanting to get a bit more clued up about taking good photo images – 8 Tricks to Take Better Photos With Your Phone.


Send us your location. 

Where are you based? Pearlly typically collects furniture anywhere within London and it’s neighbouring outskirts – Essex and Kent.


The best part..

We will come back to you in a short space of time with a quote stating what we can payout for them, & if accepted, arrange a time & place for collection to be made. Upon collection of furniture, funds are deposited directly into your account at the same time.

Pretty neat right! Send us the details of your high-end furniture today!