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You’re clearing out your office.. you need to sell your office furniture ?


sell-your-office-furnitureFrom office chairs, to office desks, to office cabinets and everything in between. That time has come and the dreaded office move is upon you – you need to sell your office furniture as soon as. It’s almost like moving house all over again, only you probably spend less time in your house than you do your office so it’s something you probably want to get right.


Pearlly can help when the time to sell your office furniture comes. If the furniture is quality, and they’re in quality condition, then we’re likely to want them. Office items in not-so-great condition however are likely to not get so much love from us so help speed up the process perhaps by leaving out those items.


Here are just a few brands that we like:

  • Herman Miller Aeron
  • Vitra
  • Cassina
  • Charles Eames
  • Fritz Hansen
  • Knoll
  • B&B Italia.. & many more.

How the process works :

  • Send us the names of the office furniture that you’d like to sell along with images
  • We’ll respond back to you within 24 hours with a request for some more details
  • After receiving further information we will come back to you with a valuation for your office furniture
  • Once you’re happy with the offer we will arrange a collection of the office furniture.
    That’s pretty much the process!  


A few extra tips before reaching out to us :

  • Try and eliminate any clutter when taking images. (that means if you’re sending us images of a desk, don’t have the desk top filled with loose paper and stationary everywhere. You’ll be surprised to know that this would only assist to diminish the value of the quote)
  • Use a quality camera. (You’re iPhone 4 camera won’t cut it unfortunately. You might as well be using a Polaroid to take the images with a camera like that). The best images are taken with a professional SLR camera of course but a phone from the last 2 -3 years will suffice.
  • Do everything with a smile. (Don’t ask us why it works – it just does!)


Get in touch with us today if desiring to sell your office furniture & we’ll give you a free quote.  

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