Do you buy furniture of all types or just specific ones?

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Does Pearlly buy furniture of all different types?


Pretty much – that’s purchases all kinds really, however it does have to be of the luxury and designer kind – in either used or brand new condition. This includes sofas, chairs, armchairs, dining tables, beds, wardrobes, ornaments, lights, lamps, side-tables, coffee tables and more. If in doubt don’t hesitate to get in contact. Although rare there may be some exceptions to the rule. 

Please note: Pearlly doesn’t really accept department store or high street furniture. Their value would have to exceed at least £1,000 before they can be considered. You can find out more about the types of furniture that Pearlly takes in other helpful FAQs like ‘Do you accept furniture from DFS, Sofa Workshop, or Furniture Village? 

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