How soon do I get paid for my furniture?

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There are two types of arrangements for payment of furniture: 


Instant cash payout : This is for urgent matters where furniture needs to be sold asap – typically under a week – where you can often get paid for furniture within the same time frame. Imminent house moves, emergency relocations & new furniture arriving in next couple of days are just a couple of examples where collections may need to be me made. This arrangement however is not completely limited to this time frame however.

Sale & redeem : This is usually for, but not limited to, arrangements where people have a large number of furniture items that they need to sell & may have limited time to do so. This arrangement enables Pearlly to collect the furniture in question, transporting them to warehouse where over there period of 8 – 12 weeks the furniture is marketed across an online platform. It’s during this 8 – 12 week period that the payout for the furniture is made.

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