How much do I get for my furniture?

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Money for furniture.. here’s how much.

How much money for furniture you’ll end up getting is worked out quite simply. Pearlly pays out between 15% – 20% of an item’s current value at retail. That is, the current price of the item as listed by its brand or designer, be it online or in store. The source that has the lowest price available is usually the one used to produce a valuation.

For example, a King size bed frame may be on one site for £1,500, a second site for £1,200 and a third site for £1,350. In this case the figure that Pearlly will base its valuation on is the price given on the second – £1,200

Need further assistance in calculating that value of your furniture. Watch out for our ‘furniture calculator’ coming soon.

Until then you can get in touch with your furniture & get a quote.




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